Your Favorite Sleeping Habits May Be Causing Wrinkle Formation

a lady looking at herself in the mirrorWrinkles are among those things you become conscious of after seeing your favorite celebrity’s perfect skin on Instagram. Realization hits you that your skin is crumpling even when you’re too far from your twilight years and menopause. The truth about this is that aging isn’t the only cause of wrinkles. You may not believe this, but your sleeping habits may be the reason your skin is aging quicker than it should.

Here are some of those habits:

You sleep on your stomach or on the side

Most people find sleeping on their stomachs relaxing, but apparently, the skin finds no relaxation in this. Resting your face directly on the pillow causes friction on the skin. Stomach sleepers often have more prominent forehead wrinkles, which even heavy retinol treatments can’t remove. The worse part of this is there is an increased likelihood for breakouts.

Sleeping on the side isn’t any better, though. You may soon notice pronounced creases on the side of your face or along the cheeks and chin. The best sleeping position is to lie on your back. If you’ve noticed deep wrinkles already, Clarity Skin suggests that you allow your cosmetic doctor in Utah to treat those with Botox injections.

You sleep with make-up on

Almost everyone is guilty of this. Aside from causing breakouts, this could lead to wrinkles. When you don’t wash off your makeup, it gets in the way of the skin repairing itself in the night, causing wrinkles to deepen further. What’s worse is you prolong the skin’s exposure to free radicals, the ones trapped in your make-up. This causes the collagen, the protein that keeps your skin young looking and healthy, to break down faster.

For the sake of vibrant, glowing skin, always remember to remove your makeup before sleeping. Take note of the proper way of washing it off.

You sleep for only five hours

According to a study, people who sleep for only five hours each night for a month exhibited twice as many wrinkles, compared to those who had a full seven hours of rest. Experts say that reduced sleep time means there’s less repair happening on the skin, and therefore, less defense against irritants. This results in deep creases on the face over time. Don’t neglect the importance of having 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Is your sleeping habit taking a toll on your skin health and beauty? Stop these routines once and for all to achieve radiant, young-looking skin that wows!