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Acid Attacks: Enamel Erosion can Destroy Your Smile 0

While your teeth can last a lifetime, they are at risk when overexposed to acidity. Too much acid causes enamel erosion, which leads to tooth decay and cavity formation. Certain foods, beverages and conditions, along with the bacteria in your mouth, make the most of the acid that damages

The 3 Most Common Myths About Acne 0

Acne is a skin condition that could affect anyone, regardless of age and colour. It happens when debris, such as dirt and dead skin cells, clog hair follicles. Due to the clogging of pores, this traps the sebum within the skin, causing it to collect and trigger an inflammation.

Yoga in the Air: Achieving Serenity Zero-Gravity Style 0

Peace of mind and serenity is achievable with feet planted on the ground. Nonetheless, did you know you can also achieve peace while dangling on a hammock with both feet up in the air? The idea of Anti-Gravity Yoga came from Christopher Harrison, a former gymnast and Broadway choreographer.

Exploring the Different Methods of Acne Scar Treatment 0

One crazy thing that all people have to deal with, regardless of race or culture, is acne. Acne is completely normal; it’s the scars they leave that people avoid. Every so often, they leave a reminder of how deep their damage was. Whether it’s bumpy, fleshy ones or flat,

Tress Distress: The Two Deadly Hair Sins You are Most Likely Committing 0

Hair grows—at least that is what you tell yourself after ironing, bleaching, and brushing it to death. Sometimes, though, it grows the way you do not want it to: damaged and lifeless. No matter how many hydrating masks you put, the damage is still there, and your hair does

The Link Between Oral Health & Heart Disease 0

Maintaining a healthy mouth doesn’t only guarantee fresh breath and a set of sparkling teeth. Bacteria are present in the mouth, so skipping oral hygiene efforts like brushing and flossing can cause them to build up. Dental experts say that oral health can provide clues about your overall health,

A Missing Tooth is a Serious Matter 0

The case of dental health in the United Kingdom continues to improve. There are fewer people with zero natural teeth, and the National Health Service caters to more patients year after year. But although this is splendid news, the country still has a string of oral health problems, especially

The Highest ORAC Value Supplements: Where Science and Nature Meet 0

Some people who spend most of their time reading about nutrition may start to feel as if they are in some sort of contest, determining who can eat the most antioxidants. Those interested in antioxidant nutrition often talk about a supplement’s ORAC value. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance