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Dentists, Here’s How to Meet the Needs of Your Patients and Grow Your Business 0

Beautiful smile. Dazzling smiles. Movie star smile. The ubiquity of such statements shows why people have deep running concerns about their smile. In most cases, they are trying to live up to the expectations of a society that values a great smile. While some people are gifted with a

Peripheral Vascular Disease and How to Recognize It 0

If you have Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD), your blood vessels will narrow and cause a decrease in blood flow. As a result, the blood flow to the organs, limbs and the rest of the body is reduced consequently limiting the supply of oxygen in the body. Venous peripheral vascular

Restore Your Smile and Confidence with Dental Implants 0

Unlike the conventional tooth replacements, dental implants offer a durable yet comfortable solution. In fact, these implants feel and look like real teeth, that you can eat and hold a conversation with confidence. As people age, tooth loss seems an inevitable part of the process. But you have options

An Overview of Periodontal Cleaning Procedures 0

More than 70% of people worldwide suffer from the periodontal disease in different degrees according to expert research. This condition affects gum tissues and in advanced cases your jawbone. Gingivitis refers to the mildest form of the condition, whereas periodontitis is its severe form. One preventive measure against periodontal

Chemical Peels: How They Transform Your Skin 0

When it comes to dealing with a number of skin imperfections, there is one non-invasive treatment that you can turn to—chemical peel. This removes the outermost layers of damaged and dead skin, which then encourages skin cell regeneration and collagen rebuilding. This makes chemical peels ideal for improving fine

Reasons Why Dental Check-ups Should Not Be Postponed 0

Avoiding a visit to the dentist can be tempting. No one enjoys the idea of having sharp instruments in their mouth, plus there is always better and more enjoyable things to do. However, postponing a visit to the dentist may provide temporary psychological relief, but will lead to many

Top Four Questions About Botox in Stanmore 0

It’s common for people to have questions when they are considering a non-surgical cosmetic procedure for the first time. There are lots of rejuvenation treatments on the market now, but perhaps the most well-known and established is Botox. It is important that a client feels comfortable enough to ask

The Secret Behind Dental Implants 0

Dental implants have proven to be an effective treatment over time and have been used increasingly in restorative dentistry. Dental implants are highly aesthetic but their secret is that they feel just like real teeth. How is that even possible? Dental implants in Harley Street are available in dental

3 Top Things You Would Want in a Cosmetic Dental Procedure 0

A smile is often the most attractive facial expression most people have. Not so much when one has misaligned, stained, cracked, or missing teeth. Fortunately, many cosmetic dental procedures can effectively restore the glory back to the teeth and the beam back to the smile. But some of these

Stable and Powerful New Teeth 0

In Barnsley, dental implants are a long-lasting remedy for the problems caused by tooth loss. The techniques of implant dentistry can be used to replace any number of teeth, from a single one knocked out in a sporting mishap, to a whole set lost after many years of decay.