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Two-Hour Facelifts: Are They Worth Your Time and Money? 0

Nothing is new about celebrities getting plastic surgery; it only becomes a big issue if they end up looking a stark contrast to what they looked like before the procedure. As you age, it’s inevitable that your skin will start to show signs, as well. You don’t have to

The Smart Way to Get Your First Facelift 0

Getting a facelift is an easy and long-lasting way to look more youthful. Keep in mind that the skin isn’t actually lifted, but filled with special substances that plump and raise the skin to look more even and smoother. It’s a strong infusion of moisturizer for your face. Clarity

Invisalign: The Better Choice for Your Braces 0

Having crooked or badly misaligned teeth can be a pain. Apart from it is not very attractive, it is also not orally healthy as it is difficult to clean them. Teeth that are not properly cleaned can lead to a periodontal disease. Using braces is a good way to align teeth

3 Benefits Of Having A Yoga Band 0

Fitness enthusiasts have been posting no-gym workout videos on Facebook and Instagram. This is proof that you really don’t need to spend a fortune on gym memberships to get a complete body workout. In fact, you can also do weight lifting and resistance training without the dumbbells at the

What to Expect When you Opt for Dermal Filler Treatment 0

Dermal fillers are the latest buzzwords when it comes to non-surgical cosmetic procedures and the skinny is that they are offering an easy, fast and comfortable solution to the issue of fine lines on the face. But how true is this? And what exactly is involved? Your first step

Best Practices for Healthcare Safety 0

In recent years, technology has delivered many great advances in the healthcare industry. From eyes-on, wearable ultrasound and infrared glasses to highly advance exoskeletons that allow paralysed patients to walk again, these so-called healthcare gadgets continue to improve the lives and work of both patients and healthcare practitioners. With

Why Outpatient Treatment is Effective 0

For patients who are dealing with alcohol and substance abuse, they have options when it comes to treatment. One of the choices to consider is an outpatient program this provides you or your loved ones with different advantages that help with the recovery process. Stay on Routine One of

Untreated TMJ: It May Lead to the Development of Mood Disorders 0

The connection between jaw problems and psychological issues may seem distant yet studies show that untreated temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) may cause mood disorders. What is TMJ? TMJ refers to issues in the muscles found in the jaw, which are often due to jaw injury, stress, teeth grinding, bad posture and misaligned teeth.

How an orthodontist can improve your health 0

The services of an orthodontist are not restricted to children and teenagers. Whilst having orthodontic treatment is now a standard part of growing up, an increasing number of adults are also enjoying the benefits of straighter teeth. As well as improving a smile’s appearance, such treatment can have positive

Why Everybody is Raving About Botox Injections 0

Botox is made of a liquid neurotoxin that is usually injected into the facial muscle. It can help reduce frown and laugh lines, squint, horizontal forehead wrinkles and nasal crunch lines. By relaxing the muscles under the skin, these lines will then have a reduced deepness so they will become