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Drug-Induced Hair Loss: Medications That Cause People to Lose Hair 0

A couple of hair strands lost after combing is usual. When hair loss becomes excessive to the point of balding, it can become a problem. At least eight million women in the UK experience hair loss, according to the National Health Service. Excessive hair loss, when not treated via follicular

Which Retainer to Choose: Wire or Plastic? 0

You’re finally in the last few weeks of your braces and your orthodontist is giving you a heads up that they will be removing that metal thing in your mouth. Now is the time to look at the different kinds of ortho retainers offered by your dentist’s lab. You’ll have to

4 Healthy Habits Parents Can Teach Their Kids 0

It’s easier to train kids to follow good healthy habits while they are young. These will become habits they’ll follow, as they grow older. It’ll be part of their daily routine that they may feel incomplete without doing them. Here are some healthy tricks you can teach your kids

Theater Makeup: It’s Role Onstage and Techniques Backstage 0

Theater will always need a little stage magic to get through a production. Many performances rely heavily on makeup experts to enhance their looks onstage. However, stage makeup can go beyond just beautifying. Gender Swap A lot of classical productions play the gender game so readily. In fact, a

More Brits Are Seeking Orthodontic Treatments 0

They say the British public have crooked, unhealthy looking teeth. But if the stereotype has some truth to it, then it’s about time Brits are doing something about it. Practices such as The Priory Dental Practice, with their before and after Invisalign promotional images, demonstrate the effectiveness of the

Franchiser’s Guide: Do’s and Don’ts for Your First Time 0

Having your own restaurant franchise is a dream many people have always wanted, but only a few were successful in doing. The most crucial part of having your own business franchise is at the very start when one is just starting to learn the ins and outs of running

Analyzing Diamond: What is in a Piece of Diamond? 0

There are many gemstones found on and beneath the earth’s surface; however, none compares to diamond. Diamond is found in the most remote and unexpected areas in the world, and undergoes a tough process before its formation. It is indeed a mark of great strength and endurance. Each piece of diamond is unique,

Organising an Event? 5 Things to Check Out When Choosing a Function Room 0

Regardless of the purpose, an event can bring people together. It can either leave a positive or a negative impression on your attendees, depending on how you've chosen the program flow, the food and drinks, and most especially the venue. Organising an event requires a lot of decision-making. One of

The Meaningful Biblical Moments in the Sea of Galilee 0

Also called Lake Kinneret, the Sea of Galilee (which is not a sea but a lake) is the largest freshwater reservoir of modern day Israel and a popular tourist destination. It offers various activities for those who make time for LDS Holy Land tours: yachting, kayaking, canoeing, hot springs

Turning Your Love for Beauty into Business 0

Have you been enjoying styling up your friends and family when the occasion arises? Do you find it satisfying and consider the thought of making money out of it? If you’ve answered yes to all those, then perhaps this is the right time to start on your own salon.