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Why Dementia Patients Keep Misplacing Things 0

Everyone makes the occasional mistake of misplacing things, but for dementia patients, it’s an everyday reality that they need to face. Caregivers would often find themselves looking at a remote control in the fridge or car keys in the dishwasher. It’s not only frustrating for dementia patients who don’t

Changes that Need to Happen for You to Move Forward 0

Your teenage years are long gone, and you’ve started a career in a respectable field. You want to clean up your life and let go of all the things anchoring you in the past. You want a clean slate, so to speak, but what if your body is not

How to Live a Simple and Happy Life — Warts and All 0

As society becomes more fixed on good grooming, people become more conscious about their looks. Just ask any plastic surgeon in Salt Lake City. The constant barrage of picture-perfect models with flawless skin and bikini bodies everywhere you turn doesn’t help matters either. You’ll find them on TV, the internet,

A Day in the Life of a Wheelchair User 0

When someone needs to start using a wheelchair, whether temporarily or permanently, their perspective shifts dramatically. This has literal implications as well as figurative ones. Learning to navigate the world using mobility aids, like lightweight wheelchairs, is a skill that each user has to learn when they start out.

Why Offering More Benefits Could Solve a Shortage of Truck Drivers 0

It’s common knowledge that some drivers are paid based on their driven miles. This can already dissuade people to apply for a job, with road congestion in many roads indicating that they would need to spend more time behind the wheel just to earn a decent amount. U.S. trucking

YOLO: Things You Can Do to Give Your Life More Meaning 0

When you find yourself going through the motions in life, perhaps it’s time you consider doing more worthwhile things. They don’t have to be grand — just simple ones that can lift your spirits and make your life more meaningful. 1. Do something for others When you do something

Here’s How You and Your Loved One Can Benefit from Senior Home Care 0

Do you have a senior relative living with you and your family? Do you have kids who need the same attention as they do? No matter how hard you may try, 24 hours may not be enough for you to handle a job, a family, and taking care of

The Hidden Cost of Divorce 0

Very often, the parts of divorce that you see are just the tip of the iceberg. The big events, like a partner moving out, or a first weekend without the kids, are frequently given lots of attention. However, a great deal of time is also spent on soul-searching by

The 4 Clinical Trial Phases: A Primer 0

The entire process of clinical trials is developed to make certain that new therapies are better than existing ones. If your doctor suggests that you take part in a clinical trial, they've probably come to the conclusion that it’s the most suitable treatment option that might work for you. If

CoolSculpting: Effective Non-Surgical Way of Eliminating Fat 0

In the unending battle of the bulge, CoolSculpting has emerged as an effective remedy for dealing with the unwanted fat. The good thing is that CoolSculpting targets the fat that is in hard-to-treat areas. Many individuals go for CoolSculpting alongside Botox specials here in Utah – which you can