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Providing Optimum Support Against Alcohol Withdrawal 0

Alcohol dependence is a dangerous territory. When the body is used to having high levels of alcohol on a regular basis, it would suffer from withdrawal symptoms once the person cuts back on intake. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms may be mild to severe. It could even become life-threatening if not resolved

Plastic Surgery: Things to Remember Before Undergoing One 0

Unfortunately, we have not yet found the fountain of youth. The good news? There is an alternative way to regain your youthful beauty, thanks to plastic surgery from clinics such as Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills. Whether you are getting a rhinoplasty or a facelift surgery, it is essential

There’s No Room for a DIY Fix in Teeth Alignment 0

The do-it-yourself (DIY) brigade says doing something yourself can save you a lot of time and money. They claim that you just need to follow a series of steps and you can solve just about any problem. Unfortunately, when it comes to your oral health, a DIY fix can

The State of UK Oral Health: Prevention is Key 0

There’s been a lot of efforts aimed towards bettering the state of the UK public’s health. The state of one’s mental health has recently been gaining attention after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge launched a campaign to spread awareness, for instance. Sadly, oral health continues to be downplayed as

Have Crooked Teeth? Here Are 3 Ways Your Dentist Can Do To Straighten It 0

A smile is a way to show one’s mood and personality. It also says a lot about your hygiene and confidence. When you have misaligned or crooked teeth, you might feel ashamed or embarrassed to smile. When you have crooked teeth and you do not do something about it,

Sea Anemones: Are They The Secret To Human Heart Regeneration? 0

A tiny sea creature may hold the key to cracking the code of regenerative medicine. In a new study from the University of Florida, a group of scientists discovered that the genes in the starlet sea anemone had a striking similarity to the genes that form the human heart.

Essential Factors for a Successful Cosmetic Surgery 0

Cosmetic surgery remains one the most misunderstood surgical procedures. A vast majority of the people views it as unnecessary, or just do not appreciate it all. While the initial costs were exorbitant, advances in medical technology make it more affordable for all. However, before rushing to have a procedure

Straighter teeth and happier smiles 0

Having crooked teeth can really affect your quality of life if you worry about your appearance. Your smile should be an asset that you are proud to share but for so many people, teeth that are misaligned, poorly spaced or overcrowded can make them feel self-conscious or anxious. Gaps

On Qualifications: Things to Look for in a Partner 0

In life, there will be a lot of choosing to do—like picking your breakfast, choosing your clothes, and choosing your friends. Perhaps, one of the most important things you need to do in this category is selecting a partner. Unlike other situations where you need to choose, picking a

The Truth Behind These Top 5 Nose Job Misconceptions 0

A nose job or rhinoplasty is among the most popular cosmetic surgeries worldwide. Although it’s been performed safely and effectively for many years now and is a standard procedure for many celebrities, there are still plenty of misconceptions surrounding it. Below are five of these misconceptions busted. Nose Job