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4 Reasons People with Eating Disorders Don’t Seek Help 0

Is a loved one refusing to seek help for an eating disorder? Well, that’s not unusual. At least initially, many people with an eating disorder don’t want treatment. Here are some of the leading reasons they may not be eager about seeking help. They view eating disorders as a

Questions to Help You Know if You’d Do Well in the Beauty Industry 0

Cosmetology can provide you with a fulfilling, fun career that is also lucrative. The beauty industry is a rapidly growing one. And, it is not about to be faced out, thanks to the fact that women and beauty are inseparable. Fun as this career might be, Skin Science Institute

3D Printing: Reshaping a Dentist’s Approach to Treatment 0

These days, the creation of a dental appliance or dental restoration takes less time than it did previously. For some patients, they can have their beautiful smile back as quickly as an hour. This is made possible by the application of 3D printing in dentistry. Dental technicians, orthodontists, and

If You Have Asthma, It Might be Time for a Vitamin D Boost 0

The body needs a healthy dose of Vitamin D regularly. According to drnaturalhealing.com, a manufacturer of natural asthma medication, Vitamin D facilitates the growth of bone cells. Moreover, it enhances the body’s defense against mycobacterial infections, as well as regulates a cell’s life cycle. It’s even more beneficial for

Our Ears and the Sense of Hearing 0

Our ears are critical. We use it for hearing and for communicating with others. The ear’s function is to send sound to the brain through the parts of the ear: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. We also use our ears to maintain our sense

Is Post-Thrombotic Syndrome Preventable? 0

Post-thrombotic syndrome is a medical condition that occurs as a result of a long-term complication of deep vein thrombosis. It's a condition that develops in most patients who experience blood clots in the leg. Here's what you need to know about it: What Is Thromboprophylaxis? Thromboprophylaxis is a process done to prevent

Learn from Jay: The Young Man Who Never Brushed His Teeth 0

Do you encourage your children to brush their teeth and to floss? Do you brush and floss your teeth yourself? You may expect parents to be concerned with their children’s oral health, but you may be surprised that some do not care at all. Some even take their oral

Bulimia Nervosa: Bingeing, Purging, and Fasting 0

People suffering from bulimia nervosa often feel a sense of loss of control while eating. Many feel like they are unable to stop consuming a large amount of food for a short period. This is usually followed by compensatory behaviors, such as vomiting, improper use of laxatives, and excessive

Three Facts about Hair Loss Brits Have to Accept 0

People of all ages can suffer from hair loss, but there are those who experience temporary and permanent baldness. The good news is, treatments are available, but you have to conduct a thorough research to find out which one best suits you. And it pays to know more about

Top Water Activities for Memorable Ocean Adventures 0

Beachheads are always on the lookout for exciting stuff to do on the surf. The summer season provides many opportunities to play in the sand and sea, and beach folks have thought up plenty of ocean activities that cater to all types of fun-seeking tourists. For an unforgettable aquatic