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3 Reasons Dental Patients Tend to Say No to the Next Treatments 0

It’s one of the common challenges dentists face in their practice: patients refusing treatments. The cost of not following through procedures is high. Patients suffer from the problems you’ve spotted early on, at the same time, your practice suffers from falling case acceptance rates and financial loss. So, why

The Significance of a Smile 0

A smile is a silent hello and a sign that a person is happy. Often, smiles are pleasantly contagious, serving to make others grin and laugh too. So when someone is unhappy with their teeth, they are bound to hide their smile. It would be a shame to carry

How to Go Gluten-Free Even During a Road Trip 0

Going on a road trip while you are on a gluten-free diet or lifestyle change is actually way easier than riding a plane and trying to keep up with the said lifestyle. You actually have more space to fit all of your gluten-free food and snacks, plus, there are

Entry-Level Teas for the First-Time Tea Drinker 0

Tea has a reputation for being full of antioxidants, helping with digestion, and a slew of other health benefits. Before you can gain anything from those health benefits, however, you first have to differentiate teas from one another, as each affects the body in different ways. You can look

DBT: What You Need to Know 0

Emotions are a part of everyday life. And as we grow older, we learn to cope with feelings by allowing or disallowing them to influence our actions. But in some cases, one simply needs additional skills to accept, process, and act out these emotions more effectively. This is where Dialectical

4 Methods to Achieve a Brighter Smile 0

Old age and an unhealthy lifestyle can often stain your teeth. Considering how important a great smile is in social situations, it is imperative for any person to make sure that they have a bright smile no matter who they are facing. A bright smile makes you look more

4 Reasons People with Eating Disorders Don’t Seek Help 0

Is a loved one refusing to seek help for an eating disorder? Well, that’s not unusual. At least initially, many people with an eating disorder don’t want treatment. Here are some of the leading reasons they may not be eager about seeking help. They view eating disorders as a

Questions to Help You Know if You’d Do Well in the Beauty Industry 0

Cosmetology can provide you with a fulfilling, fun career that is also lucrative. The beauty industry is a rapidly growing one. And, it is not about to be faced out, thanks to the fact that women and beauty are inseparable. Fun as this career might be, Skin Science Institute

3D Printing: Reshaping a Dentist’s Approach to Treatment 0

These days, the creation of a dental appliance or dental restoration takes less time than it did previously. For some patients, they can have their beautiful smile back as quickly as an hour. This is made possible by the application of 3D printing in dentistry. Dental technicians, orthodontists, and

If You Have Asthma, It Might be Time for a Vitamin D Boost 0

The body needs a healthy dose of Vitamin D regularly. According to drnaturalhealing.com, a manufacturer of natural asthma medication, Vitamin D facilitates the growth of bone cells. Moreover, it enhances the body’s defense against mycobacterial infections, as well as regulates a cell’s life cycle. It’s even more beneficial for