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The Power of Creative Brand Packaging 0

The packaging of a product symbolises a company. It is the first thing customers will see, which can either make or break a possible sale. It conveys what a brand is all about and expresses what a customer will get from the product. Even large corporations spend time and

Daily Habits That Might Be Hindering a Good Night’s Sleep 0

Few hours after you went to bed, you are still wide awake. If this happens to you every day, it might be a sign of sleep disorder. Millions of adults and children in the world suffer from sleep problems such as insomnia, sleep apnea, loud snoring, and drowsiness during

Effective Strategies to Curb Smoking 0

You can’t get a job if you are a smoker. It may sound unfair, but a research has shown that smoking prevents people from getting a job. Hiring managers prefer non-smokers because of work priorities. So before you suffer from other negative effects of smoking in your life, you have

Points to Ponder Before Undergoing Root Canal Therapy 0

Each day, dentists in the United States perform more than 40,000 root canal procedures. This amounts to about 60 million root canals or endodontic treatments per year. When the dentist says you need a root canal, how sure are you that is the best treatment for the problem? Is

National Smile Month Campaign: Join the Oral Health Revolution 0

The Oral Health Foundation (formerly British Dental Health Foundation) and the British Dental Association once again invite you to put a beautiful smile on your face. The National Smile Month, the UK’s most popular oral health campaign will be back this coming 16th May and will run until the

3 Ways to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day 0

All ladies who are about to get married feel the pressure of looking their best on their wedding day. This happens once in a lifetime (unless you get remarried), so you need to make a conscious effort to be the most beautiful bride you can ever be. From the

Saucy Revelations: Gravy Twists and Recipes for Every Occasion 0

Gravy is an all-time favorite sauce. More than the flavor, it adds depth to both the texture and aroma of your dish, be it grilled chicken, beef, or pork. Custom Culinary says low sodium brown gravy works well as a base sauce. With low salt level and light taste,

Spa: How Ages of Turmoil Made a Syllable of Serenity 0

There probably is no other word more fit to describe a place dedicated to physical and mental relaxation than ‘spa’. Lax to read, write and say in itself, spa conveys more of an activity than anything else. It does not describe anything. It does not inspire action. It only

Fun and Silly Wedding Picture-Taking Ideas You Should Try on Your Big Day 0

A wedding wouldn’t be complete without taking pictures. Part of the celebration is taking snapshots of everything that’s happening, either candidly or asked for by the photographer. Down the road, these wedding pictures, whether perfectly timed for the most romantic part of the ceremony or awkwardly and casually taken

Dental Practice and the Problem of Reaching a Plateau 0

The growth of any business depends on several factors: the state of the economy, inflation, added services, better marketing, etc. Of course, the growth in the number of customers should be taken into account. But those other factors directly influence the frequency of visit by most customers. Growing a