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Pregnancy: Life of the Unborn and Drug Charges 0

Drug offenses are considered serious crimes that can be meted with both prison time and fines. In some jurisdictions, mandatory drug rehabilitation is included, as well as the application of certain vehicular devices to help prevent driving while intoxicated. Are you not wondering why some pregnant women who get

4 Things to Prepare for Your Kid’s Birthday Party 0

When your kids turn three years old and above, they would start to get excited about their birthdays. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to live up to their expectations and throw a birthday party that will make them happy. Although planning it can be a little stressful, the

Keep it Fresh: Foods that Prevent Dragon Breath 0

No matter how good you look, it is easy to turn people off simply because your breath does not smell so good. Bad breath stems from many different reasons: poor hygiene, diseases and other body conditions. Of all these reasons, poor hygiene is the most pervasive. Other than maintaining

The Mom’s Guide to Out-of-the-Ordinary Birthday Parties 0

When we say children’s birthday parties, we immediately picture cake, ice cream, and the traditional game of pin the tail on the donkey. Throw in some birthday hats and bags filled with candy, you’ve got the traditional children’s birthday party. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating your kid’s special day

Taking Control Over Your Health and Destiny 0

This may be a little controversial, but complete healing never comes from doctors or pills. Before anyone can say they’re truly free of any ailment, the impetus for getting better needs to come from the patients themselves. No amount of medicine or treatment in the world will do anything

Diet Sodas Less Harmful Than Drugs? Not Really! 0

Diet sodas have been the mainstream alternative to regular soda, especially to athletes craving for their favourite carbonated drinks. But, their harmful effects on the body are no different from illicit drugs. According to one study, the effects of abusive intake of carbonated drinks are similar to the repercussion

Coping with Diabetes: Home Care for the Elderly 0

Diabetes is one of Australia’s fastest growing chronic diseases and research suggests that people are more at risk for developing the disease as they age. The expected increase of diabetic elderly patients in the next few years has presented a challenge for home health care professionals. As a way

Deadly Flu Outbreak Worries Doctors 0

A type of flu is spreading rapidly and more cases are proving deadly, which prompted doctors to urge the public to get vaccinated. Hospitals on high alert Hospital employees in Ann Harbor, Michigan, say that hospitals have been full of patients with flu-like symptoms. These symptoms are terrible enough

Celery A Cancer Fighter, Study Shows 0

Researchers from the University of Illinois found that two phytonutrients in foods like celery and artichokes have pancreatic cancer killing powers in a lab setting. Helps fight off cancer cells Although individually, apigenin and luteolin were effective to kill pancreatic cancer cells, scientists found that pre-treating cancer cells with