A Clear Overview of Cataracts

Woman's eyesCataracts are the top cause of blindness amongst the world’s 40-and-above demographic. In the United States alone, some 22 million middle aged individuals are afflicted by this condition, according to Prevent Blindness America (PBA). By 2020, the number of afflicted Americans is expected to reach 30 million.

These are clearly staggering numbers, as experts at Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates, cataract surgery specialists in New Jersey, might point out – especially when you consider how cataracts are some of the most easily remedied eye-related ailments out there.

Types of Cataracts

The key to accurate treatment is an accurate diagnosis. First, you must know what kind of cataract you have. Here are the distinctions.

• Subcapsular Cataract – This type is most common amongst diabetics and those who require large steroid doses; it appears behind the lens.

• Nuclear Cataract – This is considered a result of aging; it appears deep in the lens’s nucleus or central zone.

• Cortical Cataract – This white, wedge-like cloudiness appears in the lens cortex.

Should you consider surgery?

If you neglect the gradual occurrence of cataracts, you put yourself at risk of eventually losing your vision. Even if you don’t go blind automatically due to cataracts, the slow accumulation of symptoms is just as debilitating. Aside from cloudy vision, you may also experience blurred, dim, yellow, and double vision. Your night vision will also be severely affected. Your eyes’ sun sensitivity will also intensify.

In short, surgery is your smartest recourse. The best part is this: the cataract removal procedure is a quick and painless process.

Cataract Surgery

Cataract removal is pretty straightforward. Usually, the procedure is completed within 10 minutes. Recently, laser procedures have been gaining popularity. Although costlier compared to basic procedures, the convenience and reliability of laser surgery are unquestionable.

Your entire lifestyle is reliant on your vision. This should be enough reason for you to be vigilant about your eye health. If you suspect that you may be suffering from cataracts, book a date for cataract surgery so your eyes can receive the care they deserve.