Here’s Why Women Choose to Undergo Breast Augmentation

Woman wearing white topIn 2016, 290,000 women across America decided to say yes to breast implants, making the procedure — also known as breast augmentation — one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery. It consistently ranks in the top five most sought-after surgeries. Experts from Mohave Centers For Plastic Surgery in Lake Havasu, Arizona, explain why.

Treating Post-Partum Droop

Over 90% of women seek breast enhancement surgery after they have had babies. This can be because the hormones related to pregnancy and childbirth can make the ligaments in the breasts lose their firmness.

This could happen irrespective of whether the mother breastfeeds or not. The aging process can also have an effect. Breast augmentation restores drooping breasts and adds volume so you can enjoy figure-hugging dresses again.

Treating Micromastia

Another common reason to opt for breast implants is if the woman has little or no breast tissue. Very small breasts (micromastia) are surprisingly common as lots of women simply don't develop breast tissue when they go through puberty.

Treating Uneven Breasts

Everyone is different, and most bodies are not perfectly symmetrical. It is quite usual for a woman to have one breast larger than the other or to have bilateral macromastia (one breast that didn't develop properly).

After Weight Loss

Losing a lot of weight, especially sudden weight loss, could cause breasts to lose their volume and become smaller. Women used to a fuller bust might wish to retain a larger breast size while keeping their smaller waistline.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast implant surgery isn't just a cosmetic procedure. Some women have it as part of breast reconstruction after breast cancer treatment.

Women from all walks of life choose to get breast implants, whether it be to enhance their figure after pregnancy, attain a more youthful look, prevent weight-loss sag or as a treatment after an illness. Choosing implants is one of the most popular ways to boost confidence.