The Smart Way to Get Your First Facelift

First FaceliftGetting a facelift is an easy and long-lasting way to look more youthful. Keep in mind that the skin isn’t actually lifted, but filled with special substances that plump and raise the skin to look more even and smoother.

It’s a strong infusion of moisturizer for your face. Clarity Skin says Juvederm, for one, is made of colorless hyaluronic acid.

Getting your first one can be daunting and even a bit scary. What if you’ve chosen the wrong procedure? How do you know you’ve gotten the best treatment Utah has to offer?

Here are some important pieces of advice that experts and enthusiasts give:

Don’t be Afraid to Shop Around

Go to different doctors. Don’t just go to the first one you see. Even if the first doctor or clinic is pretty awesome, you’ll feel better when you know what else is out there. Get a feel for the facilities, the nurses, and doctors. Choose a place that makes you feel safe and comfortable. The best clinics are the ones where they really take care of you — even after the procedure.

Don’t Lie to the Doctor

Always divulge all your medical information. This is to help the medical professionals determine which treatment is best for you. You may be allergic to some substances or might react negatively to the treatment methods. If you find that one treatment you’re looking at is bad for you, don’t be discouraged — you can get something different with the same effect.

Follow the Aftercare to the Letter

Your recovery and aftercare instructions are important. If your doctor tells you to lay off physical activity and certain food, you have to do as they say. Otherwise, the treatment may be rendered useless or you could harm yourself.

Ask All the Questions

There are no stupid questions, but you need to think carefully about the treatment. Ask about recovery time, the pain involved, medicines, and what activities you should avoid so as not to damage the fillers injected. Ask what things you have to watch out for in case something goes wrong after the procedure.

Note that getting a facelift can be a bit painful. It all depends on your tolerance and threshold. Don’t be afraid to tell your doctor if you can’t stand it or if the facelift doesn’t let you function normally.

With the right mindset and knowledge, your more youthful look can return.