Why Sleep Is Vital to Building Muscle

Getting Enough SleepWhen building muscle, it is not all about lifting heavy weights and punishing your body. Your body needs to rest and allow itself to heal and grow to effectively gain muscle mass and retain it. Sleep is a vital part of your training program and you must stay on a certain schedule to reach your fitness goals.

Sleep is Part of Your Training Program

You have several options for building muscle and burning fat, but most people overlook sleep and rest. Newbies make the mistake of pumping iron and exercising for hours and days, without thinking of resting in between workouts. This not only tires the muscles, but also does not give them enough time to recover and grow.

When you workout, your muscles will accumulate microscopic tears on a cellular level. Your body must repair these to grow properly and gain strength. While sleeping, the body enters a higher anabolic state. This is the time when your body rejuvenates and repairs damaged tissues, including muscles.

The experts at Musashi.com.au agree that sleep makes sure that your body completes the necessary cycles of recovery and repair to achieve desired muscle growth. During sleep, the body produces larger amounts of the human growth hormone, melatonin and testosterone. These play an important role in the regeneration and reproduction of cells, including muscle.

To build muscle mass properly, known as hypertrophy, the body needs to synthesize protein faster than it breaks it down. After absorbing nutrients, the body needs to synthesize them to grow and repair muscle tissue. Sleep is the longest time your body has between meals to synthesize proteins.

Cortisol is a hormone in the body that counteracts testosterone. It aids in the breakdown of muscle tissue that prevents muscle growth. Lack of sleep may lead to stress, resulting in higher levels of cortisol. That is something you do not want to happen, especially if you want to build muscle mass.

Muscle Growth

Muscle mass requires a combination of enough sleep, proper diet, supplements and a customised exercise program. All these contribute to the results of your workout regimen. You need to rest between training days to allow the body to repair, recover and grow.