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Chemical Peels: How They Transform Your Skin 0

When it comes to dealing with a number of skin imperfections, there is one non-invasive treatment that you can turn to—chemical peel. This removes the outermost layers of damaged and dead skin, which then encourages skin cell regeneration and collagen rebuilding. This makes chemical peels ideal for improving fine

Touching Your Face: Just Stop It 0

While touching your face is a seemingly harmless habit, it can actually hurt your skin. Doing so multiple times a day can contribute to breakouts and blemishes. As your hands come into contact with millions of germs, it can transfer bacteria and allergens from your fingertips onto your skin.

Here’s Why Women Choose to Undergo Breast Augmentation 0

In 2016, 290,000 women across America decided to say yes to breast implants, making the procedure — also known as breast augmentation — one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery. It consistently ranks in the top five most sought-after surgeries. Experts from Mohave Centers For Plastic Surgery

Top Beauty Enhancements You Can Consider 0

Many people these days want to feel confident and have an enhanced version of themselves. Self-enhancement is all about improving your health and beauty inside and out. Giving yourself a makeover can help change the way you feel and let you strut your stuff with pride. If you are

The science behind Ultherapy 0

Ultherapy is a non-surgical beauty treatment that many people are turning to in order to lift the appearance of their skin around the neck, chest and face. Photos show a significant difference between before and after shots. The effect is produced using tried and tested technology to boost the

Things to Avoid After a Botox Treatment 0

Are you planning to get Botox injections in Salt Lake City from specialty clinics such as Clarity Skin? If your answer is yes, you should understand that there are activities you need to avoid after getting Botox treatment. Here are some of them. Hardcore Exercise If you have friends and family

Cosmetic Surgery now Communicates Empowerment 0

More people all around the world are embracing cosmetic surgery procedures. In 2015, breast augmentation was the top cosmetic surgical procedure with 279,143 cases. Liposuction came a close second, seeing a 5% increase from 2014 to 2015. Among the cosmetic surgical procedures that didn’t make it to the top

Ways to Look Young and Rejuvenate Your Face 0

When the body reaches a certain age, it starts to deteriorate, making it difficult for you to live and eat the same way when you were in your early 20s. The skin starts to sag, becomes oily and blemished, or encounters other problems. Particular factors affect the skin, which