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Wrinkle Woes: Should You Choose Dysport or Botox? 0

Up until the introduction of Dysport, Botox was the top pick of most individuals looking to eliminate wrinkles. Both products are very effective at getting rid of wrinkles and use the same ingredient. But they have different properties that might make one a better option than the other in

Top Four Questions About Botox in Stanmore 0

It’s common for people to have questions when they are considering a non-surgical cosmetic procedure for the first time. There are lots of rejuvenation treatments on the market now, but perhaps the most well-known and established is Botox. It is important that a client feels comfortable enough to ask

All of About the Treatment Known as Botox 0

Botulinum toxin, or more popularly known as Botox, is a neurotoxin that is one of the most toxic substances known to humankind. However, when used in small quantities and concentrations, it is a valuable and effective therapeutic protein as it helps relax facial muscles without surgery. People use this

Things to Avoid After a Botox Treatment 0

Are you planning to get Botox injections in Salt Lake City from specialty clinics such as Clarity Skin? If your answer is yes, you should understand that there are activities you need to avoid after getting Botox treatment. Here are some of them. Hardcore Exercise If you have friends and family

The Effects of Botox Treatments 0

First impressions are important, especially if you want to maintain strong connections at work and in your personal life. For many people these days, they opt for a non-invasive treatment with the help of cosmetic surgeons from places such as Salt Lake City. Botox is a treatment many doctors

A Look at Botox as an Aesthetic Treatment 0

Botox (née botulinum toxin) is considered among the most popular cosmetic treatments today. Known for its effectiveness in eliminating wrinkles and fine lines, Botox is derived from a special microbial organism called Clostridium botulinum. Its use is so widespread that not only cosmetic surgeons are licensed to administer it — even