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What is a Periodontist? 0

Good question, someone who has healthy gums will probably not know what a periodontist is. It’s not usually until someone gets a problem with their gums that they will need to meet one. A periodontist in Perth is a dentist who has had specific training and experience with the

The State of UK Oral Health: Prevention is Key 0

There’s been a lot of efforts aimed towards bettering the state of the UK public’s health. The state of one’s mental health has recently been gaining attention after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge launched a campaign to spread awareness, for instance. Sadly, oral health continues to be downplayed as

What You See is What You Get: Selfies and Your Dental Hygiene 0

Many people have been taken with the act of holding their smartphones against themselves and using it to take photos of themselves—an act called ‘taking a selfie’. Now, there are several reasons people take selfies: to capture moments with friends, to document that perfectly styled hair for future reference

How an orthodontist can improve your health 0

The services of an orthodontist are not restricted to children and teenagers. Whilst having orthodontic treatment is now a standard part of growing up, an increasing number of adults are also enjoying the benefits of straighter teeth. As well as improving a smile’s appearance, such treatment can have positive

3 Common Dental Myths Demystified 0

Despite knowing the importance of oral health, many people still fall into common myths and end up jeopardizing their teeth. The thought of visiting a dentist often strikes fear, triggering the different misconceptions about dental treatments. Therefore, they keep postponing their visits until it is too late. Unfortunately, some people only