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Putting Patients First 0

Looking for dental treatment in Mackay is not something to be rushed. The most important factor in any relationship is trust, especially as far as health and well being is concerned. Sitting in a dentist’s chair can be a nerve-wracking and vulnerable experience, so finding a trustworthy and friendly

The Secret Behind Dental Implants 0

Dental implants have proven to be an effective treatment over time and have been used increasingly in restorative dentistry. Dental implants are highly aesthetic but their secret is that they feel just like real teeth. How is that even possible? Dental implants in Harley Street are available in dental

Invisible Braces in Kent in Detail – A Guide for Adults 0

More adults are now taking control of the appearance of their smile with braces. Braces used to be the purview of teenagers. When many people think of braces, they associate them with an awkward look, and perhaps even discomfort. The modern reality is quite different. There are a number

When Should You Bring Your Child to the Dentist? 0

You may be taking care of your kids really well by providing them with the best food, best education, and best health care. However, you might have missed something – dental care. When you tend to get so busy, missing a dentist’s appointment, or not remembering to have the

The Facts about Wearing Braces 0

Wearing metal braces as an adult is becoming more acceptable in the UK. It is no longer a source of embarrassment to smile and show “train tracks” at work or at parties because it is a temporary situation. Most orthodontics last for a year to three years at most,

Maximize Dental Profits without Compromising Patient Health 0

Dental practitioners invest so many hours and resources focusing on innovative dental equipment, office space, furniture, branding, staffing, and signage. Because they worry about these factors – which are critical by the way – so much, they forget that they can actually increase their profits when they know how