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Three Reasons to Take Obesity Seriously 0

According to an article by the New York Times, the obesity rates in the United States continue to worsen. The epidemic is said to affect every demographic, especially minorities and low-income workers. This should be alarming for Americans because obesity brings health conditions that affect life expectancy. The article

Renal Failure: The Common Triggers 0

Most people overlook the kidney in their overall health until it is unfortunately too late, and they are already in kidney failure. Though small, kidneys are a vital part of your whole body functioning. They filter excess fluids and waste and keep your blood clean. Approximately 30 million Americans

The 3 Benefits of Buying Second-Hand Medical Equipment 0

Do you own and operate a small medical clinic? Are you looking to update your current medical equipment or add new ones? Here are some of the benefits of buying or leasing pre-owned medical equipment. Medical Equipment Sales Associates, Inc. and many other providers say that you should consider these perks