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Don’t Let Missing Teeth Go Untreated 0

Losing a tooth creates more than just a gap in your smile. It can also compromise your ability to chew, which will then affect your diet and nutrition. The biggest concern, however, is the lack of stimulation, causing the jawbone beneath it to shrink. This will alter the shape

The Problem of Missing Teeth 0

Are you one of millions of people in the UK with failing crowns, decayed teeth and dental pain? Is the thought of losing your teeth and wearing full dentures for the rest of your life the stuff of nightmares? There is an effective alternative to dentures, provided by dentists

3 Treatment Options for Missing Teeth 0

When losing a tooth, there are two actions that people do — replace your missing teeth immediately or leave the gap as it is. The former, of course, is the ideal choice to make sure that your jaw and the alignment of your teeth won’t be affected. The latter

The Undesirable Effects of Missing Teeth 0

Your smile isn’t the only thing affected when you lose teeth, especially the front ones. But people don’t realise that losing teeth does not only affect appearance but has more underlying consequences. Worried about gaps in your teeth? There are more pressing concerns. Bone loss Teeth loss, believe it