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Effects of Sleep Apnea on Dental Health 0

Sleep apnea is a term used to describe a condition in which a patient stops breathing for 10 seconds or more during sleep. A primary indicator of the disorder is snoring. However, there are other not so obvious symptoms that can manifest. Your dentist in Chicago is in a better

A spring-clean for the teeth 0

Spring is on its way, honest! It’s the time of year when people get a surge of energy and a burning desire to freshen things up, give their homes a good going over, painting, repapering, cleaning in nooks and crannies, and generally refreshing the whole place after several months

When Your Condition Warrants Oral Surgery Services 0

For a lot of people, hearing the term “oral surgery” conjures images of anesthesiologists, hospital rooms, and lots of bandages. Because of these beliefs, many people have come to fear dentists even more. And while it’s understandable to feel wary or anxious, the truth is, patients, don’t have to

Services You Can Get from a Dentist 0

Dental health is necessary but will require routine care and regular check-ups. Many know that they need to have a checkup at least twice a year, but aside from general dentistry, L.A. Dental Arts says that your dentist in Chatsworth, California could offer many other services that could improve

Dentures are better than ever 0

Dentures are often thought of as a tried and tested method of replacing multiple missing teeth. They have long been the go-to solution when a patient has lost all of their top or bottom teeth. For practices such as Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic in Farnham, dentures are a cost-effective

Don’t Let Missing Teeth Go Untreated 0

Losing a tooth creates more than just a gap in your smile. It can also compromise your ability to chew, which will then affect your diet and nutrition. The biggest concern, however, is the lack of stimulation, causing the jawbone beneath it to shrink. This will alter the shape

Why You Shouldn’t Settle with a Hard Toothbrush 0

While it is true that using a firm-bristled toothbrush can give your pearly whites a vigorous scrub, they cannot clean your mouth better. It is only a misconception that this type of toothbrush can remove plaque better. The truth is they can damage your teeth and gums and make

The low-down on teeth whitening in Burnham 0

Cosmetic dentistry used to be the preserve of celebrities – perfectly straight and white smiles have been a fixture on the Hollywood red carpet for years. But with advances in technology creating simpler and more cost-effective options, many more people can now give it a try. Teeth whitening in

Dental implants in Sutton Coldfield: from start to finish 0

Instead of facing a lifetime of wearing dentures, thousands of people each year in the UK are opting to have dental implant surgery. This is a minor surgical procedure that fits a small titanium screw into the jawbone. After a healing, a replacement tooth is fitted on top of

A lifetime of smiles 0

It may not seem like a big deal to have one missing tooth. Especially if it’s hidden away at the back, the cost and hassle of replacing it may not feel worthwhile, but the benefits of dental implants in Herefordshire present a different story. In Herefordshire, dental implants are