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Cosmetic Dental Procedures for Improved Smile 0

In the past, there has been a paradigm shift of cosmetic dentistry from correcting dental issues to improving the smile and appearance of a patient. Because of that, the popularity of cosmetic dentistry in America is rising tremendously. An attractive smile has suddenly become the most significant asset to

Valuable Smiles 0

Wisdom is usually associated with age and experience. Age is a measurement of time, an assortment of successes to look back on, a collection of stories to tell and advice to give. As people grow older, their priorities may change. While someone in their 20s won’t be burdened with

Set Yourself Up for Success: Invest in Your Smile 0

While your smile is just a set of pearly whites, it can set you up for success or failure. Crooked, gappy, and dull smiles can make others think that you don’t care about your health or appearance. It can even lower your chances of scoring a new job or

The Significance of a Smile 0

A smile is a silent hello and a sign that a person is happy. Often, smiles are pleasantly contagious, serving to make others grin and laugh too. So when someone is unhappy with their teeth, they are bound to hide their smile. It would be a shame to carry

Improve Your Social and Professional Life with a Healthy Smile 0

Apart from making you look friendlier and more attractive, a beautiful smile can make you more employable and successful. A straight set of white teeth is often associated with wealth and social status, so it can help you create a good and lasting impression. Bad or crooked teeth, on

Can Your Smile and Oral Health Impacts the Opportunities You Get? 0

Whether people admit or not, today’s society places a huge importance on appearance. No, it’s not the only factor that sums up a person. It plays a massive role in how good of a first impression you can make, which subsequently affects many of the personal and professional opportunities

The Power of a Smile: What the World Sees, and What You Do Not 0

Charles Darwin was the first person to examine the inner workings of a smile and its significance to humanity’s interactions throughout the ages. He said that smiling, unlike body language, verbal communication, or other human actions, is truly universal in its message. No matter what race, culture, upbringing, location,

Smiling Faces Lead to Happier, Healthier Hearts 0

A genuine smile does more than just light up your face. Apart from reflecting your personal happiness, it also keeps your heart happy. A study from the University of Kansas suggests that putting a smile on your face even when you are stressed is beneficial for your heart. Published