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Your Favorite Sleeping Habits May Be Causing Wrinkle Formation 0

Wrinkles are among those things you become conscious of after seeing your favorite celebrity’s perfect skin on Instagram. Realization hits you that your skin is crumpling even when you’re too far from your twilight years and menopause. The truth about this is that aging isn’t the only cause of

Wrinkle Woes: Should You Choose Dysport or Botox? 0

Up until the introduction of Dysport, Botox was the top pick of most individuals looking to eliminate wrinkles. Both products are very effective at getting rid of wrinkles and use the same ingredient. But they have different properties that might make one a better option than the other in

Is Preventative Botox for You? 0

Botox (Botulinum toxin type A) is a drug that is injected just below the surface of the facial skin to temporarily (between 3-4 months) weaken or paralyze muscles or nerves on the eyelids or forehead as part of a treatment for conditions like migraines and wrinkles. While the procedure