How orthodontic treatment can be carried out in secret

Teeth With Invisible BracesIf you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, there can be serious negative consequences for your self-confidence, and for your relationships both personal and professional. Hiding your smile behind your hand in public or choosing to not smile at all can often create the wrong impression.

The most important thing to remember if this applies to you is that you are far from alone. Almost 70% of the adult population in the UK state that they are not happy smiling in photographs, and in the age of the selfie – more than a million selfies are currently taken every day, with anyone and everyone from the rich kids of Instagram to politicians out on the campaign trail getting in on the act – a smile has never been more important.

One of the most commonly-heard concerns about smiles heard by cosmetic dentists in the UK is that people wish their smile was straighter. Nowadays, orthodontic treatment is seen as pretty much standard for children and teenagers in Britain – as much a part of growing up as exams, first loves, or gap years – but dentists are keen to stress the benefits of tooth straightening treatment whatever your age.

There are numerous discreet orthodontic products available, designed so that your dentist or orthodontist can straighten your teeth or improve the position of your bite without the whole world having to know you are having treatment. In fact, with systems of invisible braces such as Invisalign, nobody will have any idea you are undergoing treatment unless you actually tell them.

At PDC Dental in Barnsley, Invisalign braces are one of the most popular treatments. They are suitable for adults and teenagers, and can correct a wider spectrum of orthodontic concerns than some other cosmetic brace systems.

Because they are made from clear plastic, and because they are removable, these systems are invisible to the untrained eye, and also have next to no impact on your lifestyle. They are custom-made to suit each patient’s individual orthodontic situation, and are so comfortable that you will quickly forget you are wearing them yourself.