No Ifs, No Buts: How to Beat Exercise Excuses

Women doing weightsAnyone who’s following a fitness routine has had those days when exercise seems to be a chore. Often, people put up excuses to justify skipping a sweat session. During these times and when the health benefits of exercise don’t work in motivating you, it’s much more important to check your motivations and reasons for doing the workout.

If you’ve used the common excuses below, you should read on and know why you’re feeling and saying those things. That way, you can get on the treadmill, and keep yourself on track of your health regimen.

“I don’t see any results.”

Some women feel discouraged when they see the same number on the scale after so many weeks of vigorous workouts. Many factors could contribute to this: diet, sleeping habits, stress, body type, and genetics matter. It’s best to get a trainer to help you understand what kind of workout and diet works for you. Consider visiting a personal training studio for women in Tewksbury. Fitness coaches can help you get into the right routine that would suit your goals.

“I don’t have the time.”

Sure, you’re probably busy with work or catching up on your favorite TV show. But it won’t hurt your schedule if you spend a 15-minute walk just before you get ready for work, right? You could also consider watching your favorite TV show while running on the treadmill. The trick is to maximize your time and sneak in as much physical activity as you can.

“I’m bored with my routine.”

woman lifting weightsChoose a routine or activity that doesn’t bore you. Put variety in your physical activities. Try out new things, like kickboxing, swimming, mountain climbing, or aerial yoga. Join classes in your local gyms. Having new friends who have the same interests as you could help you look forward to sweat sessions. Plus, they check up on you on why you skip classes, which can force you to follow through.

“I’m too tired and stressed.”

Despite what many people say, working out re-energizes you. It fires up your endorphin levels, giving you that mood boost you need. Additionally, exercise increases cardiovascular health, which enhances your endurance and curbs exhaustion and stress. Consider scheduling your workout routine to a time when you feel you have more energy.

Kick these excuses to the side and stick to your workout routine. When all reason fails, remember: where there’s a will, there’s a way.