PSA: Khloe Kardashian is the Queen of “New Me” Goals

Weight LossIf you just got out of a bad breakup and are in need of a fresh start, you might want to take a leaf out of Khloe Kardashian’s playbook.

It used to be that Khloe did not get much of the spotlight standing next to her sisters Kim and Kourtney. When it comes to being sexy, she was never the top pick, with the media even going so far as to say that she was the chubbiest sister with the least potential for stardom.

Today, however, this Kardashian sister is giving her sisters (and the media) a run for their money with her new look.

First Step: the Weight Loss

Khloe’s weight loss story is definitely one for the books. While the Kardashians are big fans of waist trainers (don’t believe it? Waist Trainers Australia begs to differ with this post from Kim K), Khloe doesn’t just rely on these for a slimmer and sexier figure — she actually works hard for it.

The youngest of Kris Jenner’s daughters revealed that within a span of two months, she lost 11 pounds. By cutting dairy out of her daily diet, she managed to shed off the excess pounds. Despite her love for cheese and milk, her determination to stay fit drove her to be firm with her decision.

Feeling good about yourself is the first step towards a new chapter. By losing the excess weight, you don’t just work for a fitter you; it also serves as a distraction from unpleasant memories. Khloe Kardashian clung tight to her regimen, especially when she was dealing with Lamar Odom’s debacle.

Next Step: Experiment with your Look

Khloe’s new image didn’t stop with a slimmer figure. The girl from Calabasas went all the way by mixing and matching her clothes and her makeup. Based on the reactions of the media and dedicated followers, Khloe finally defeated Kim for the throne of the sexiest Kardashian.

Apart from indulging in contouring and strobing, Khloe also said goodbye to her straight, raven-black hair for luscious, honey blonde locks.

Don’t be scared of changing your looks. If saying goodbye to the past means a new haircut or a change in hair colour, go ahead. Feel free to completely alter your wardrobe and get a tan. If it makes you feel better, don’t hesitate.

Khloe is the face of #NewMe goals. By following her footsteps, you can do the same as well.