Theater Makeup: It’s Role Onstage and Techniques Backstage

Theater Makeup in MidvaleTheater will always need a little stage magic to get through a production. Many performances rely heavily on makeup experts to enhance their looks onstage. However, stage makeup can go beyond just beautifying.

Gender Swap

A lot of classical productions play the gender game so readily. In fact, a lot of theater companies today take it to a new level, recasting entire performances with flipped genders, just men, or just women. Drag makeup lets you put on a new face each night, turning an Albin to a Zaza, a Viola to a Cesario, or a Victoria to a Victor.


The stage will not wait for you to grow as old as the actual character’s age before putting you in front of your audience. In fact, certain characters are nearly impossible to perform without the necessary age required for the role. Makeup and prosthetics allow you to turn into a sixty-three-year-old man even when you’re just twenty-three. It can even turn you into Wonderland’s Alice even when you’re a mother of three.

Shape Shifting

Aside from growing older and younger, make-up artists can also change the look, texture, and form of parts of your anatomy by simply applying the right cosmetics. Adding facial hair, turning a leg shorter than the other or adding warts can all be done with proper instructions from a Utah cosmetology school, like Collectiv Academy.

Color Palette

Makeup is very similar to painting since you aim to get the perfect color, form, light, and shadow for each character on stage. There are certain colors, makeup brands and application techniques that work well with specific body types, complexion, and even roles. Constant practice in proper makeup application can familiarize you with these factors.

Broadway, off Broadway, straight plays, comedies, and dramas will require proper makeup to enhance them. If you choose to create cosmetic magic onstage there are reputable cosmetology schools that can teach and certify you. It can be a lucrative and fulfilling career that you would want to invest and stay in.