What are the Risks of Knee Surgery for People Who are Obese or Overweight?

Knee SurgeryOrthopedic surgeons manage the effects of excessive weight borne on the joints, that in time, are unable to perform their primary functions adequately. In heavier people, weight-bearing joints have to take on greater loads. For this reason, knee problems arise and may require surgical intervention. Unfortunately, greater complications during the recovery period arise in post-surgical patients with weight issues.

Are you obese or overweight? What is your level or risk?

When knee surgery is necessary

Complete replacement surgery of the knee joint is the favored surgical option for people who cannot move adequately due to structural joint damage. Severe damage to weight-bearing joints makes surgery the only option in many obese individuals. A study reports that in America, 200,000 surgeries for joint replacements are performed yearly in people who are obese. The weight issue is not a significant factor in recovery for moderately obese individuals.

More risks for people with weight issues

Compared to surgical procedures for people who have the right weight for their age and height, those performed on heavier individuals are more risky. The potential for developing wound complications, or an infection is higher according to some studies. For better results, doctors give patients time to prepare for the procedure, notes Reverehealth.com. Prior to knee replacement Fillmore-based doctors often advise losing weight and relevant lifestyle modifications.

Recovery after surgery

Knee surgery has good prognosis these days due to advancements in medical procedures and tools. Recovering patients report markedly less pain and significant functional improvements in both daily tasks and recreational activities. Under the skilled hands of an orthopaedic surgeon, anyone who undergoes the procedure can rest easy and look forward to a better quality of life. Even with obese surgery patients, the results are quite satisfactory, particularly for people with moderate weight problems.

When you get heavy, your knees might suffer. To make the most of the favorable prognosis for total knee replacement, you should heed the advice of your doctor to lose weight. Surgery has innate risks, but you must do your part to minimize complications.