What You Need to Know About Parasomnia

Mattresses in AustraliaDo your relatives say you sleep walk? Or do they say that you talk to them while sleeping? Did someone see you go to the kitchen in the middle of the night and eat some food – while asleep? If yes, you might have parasomnia.

Sleep should be as peaceful as possible. As experts from MattressesGalore.com.au say, the quality of sleep highly dictates the overall mood and energy of a person during waking hours. But there are cases of interrupted sleep due to an unusual behaviour of the nervous system.

One of these cases is parasomnia. It is a disorder wherein a person does abnormal behaviours while they are still sleeping. People who suffer from this condition don’t remember what they did or talked about during an episode. Sleepwalking and sleep talking are the popular forms of parasomnia, but there are other forms of this condition too.

Sleep Eating

People who walk to the kitchen and eat while still in sleep also suffer from parasomnia. Stress and certain antidepressants cause sleep eating. Some experts say that the roots of this condition are traceable to the patient’s childhood. If a child is used to eating late at night, the child would likely develop an abnormal pattern of eating and sleeping, which could lead to sleep eating during adulthood.

Sleep Texting

Believe it or not, this happens. The possible causes of sleep texting include sleep deprivation and the improper intake of sleep medication. Several studies revealed that children who stay late because of their obsession with gadgets tend to continue texting messages even during sleep. Adults who take sleep medication incorrectly (perhaps earlier than the recommended time) are usually not aware that the medicine has already kicked in. Thus, they still do things even if they’re already asleep, such as sending a text message or an e-mail.

Sleep Sex

Sexomnia, or sex during sleep, is another form of parasomnia. It is a condition wherein the person feels a high level of sexual arousal during a mixed state of being both awake and asleep. People who suffer from this condition may engage in sexual activity or individual sexual satisfaction, and they won’t remember it the next day.

These forms of parasomnia could be troubling for the patient, as well as for the people around them. Thus, experts recommend that people who suffer from this condition must change sleeping habits to ensure a comfortable sleep. Loved ones must also encourage the person to see a sleep specialist.