3 Accommodation Options Available for Senior Citizens

a nurse posses with an elderly womanAging is a time for adapting to different changes. Some senior citizens may modify their homes to fit their current lifestyles while some may opt for senior housing. Your choice of senior housing will depend on your current lifestyle, health, finances and your emotional and social needs. Here are some options to choose from if you are considering senior housing for you or your loved ones.

Independent Living

Independent living is a housing plan designed for senior citizens above 55 years of age. Legacy Village of Provo explains that this housing varies from apartments and condos to free-standing houses. These communities offer recreational facilities, community centers, housekeeping services, and daily meals. They are the best choice for residents who don’t require assistance with daily activities and are looking for a place with minimum maintenance needs. It also offers a range of social activities to choose from.

Assisted Living

Senior citizens who need assistance in carrying out daily living activities but do not require round the clock supervision will be comfortable in assisted living centers. This residential facility ranges from refurbished homes to apartments offering privacy and personal freedom in a home-like setting. The residents are assisted with bathing, walking, using the bathroom, and dressing. They also have 24-hour emergency call access, housekeeping services, meals, and social and recreation activities.

Nursing Home

In addition to assistance with activities of daily living, residents of a nursing home have access to 24-hour medical care. They are the best option for senior citizens with a chronic illness that cannot be handled at home or other facilities. They can also be used by those looking for temporary accommodation after hospitalization.

When looking for a residential facility, you should keep in mind the amount of care needed by the potential resident. The facility should also be accessible for friends and family members to visit. Make the right choice for you or your loved one to enjoy a happy and fulfilling environment in old age.