3 Veterinary Giveaway Ideas You Probably Haven’t Thought of

Smiling veterinarian checking up a dogDespite popular notion, the veterinary segment is very marketable for entrepreneurs, as long as they know which promotional products best offer value for their money. To stand out and make more impact, consider taking advantage of products that are not used as common giveaways. Here are some uncommon products that you can give away for free for a fraction of the cost:


Passing along veterinarian postcards to both existing and potential customers can help improve awareness of your brand. For instance, existing customers who received your postcards can send them to faraway relatives as a nice gesture when they miss them. They could also frame the postcard, especially if it features a handsome breed of dogs or cats. You’re in luck if you happen to hand out a postcard to a collector; that’s because you’ve just won that person’s heart and loyalty.

Squishy toys

If you’re looking for a cute alternative to stuffed toys, then consider tiny squishy toys for your giveaways. Squishy toys, especially those that can be attached to phone cases, were all the rage last year, and toy experts say that the trend will only become stronger. Squishy toys are a great stress reliever for adults and provide amusement for their younger ones. These items are still trendy though; it’s timeless. They are also very cheap to produce, and you can have them custom-made online.


Stickers are not new in the marketing world, but not a lot of businesses seem to take advantage of it anymore. Stickers are a great tool for guerilla marketing, as you’re raising awareness for your brand without even paying for anything. When people see your sticker on books or laptops, you’re making people aware of your business’ existence. They won’t reach out automatically to you, but they would remember you.

Giving away simple and affordable promotional materials to your customers is a good way to make your veterinary clinic top-of-mind. These will also make people remember your business as an accessible provider of veterinary services, not to mention, a business that ultimately places value on their customers.