Beyond Avoiding Tooth Loss and Yellow Teeth: Why Oral Health Matters

Girl Looking At Her Whitened TeethIf there is a part of the body that people usually have problems taking care of, they’re the teeth. People tend to forget how their dietary habits and lifestyle choices can have negative effects on them. The abuse happens every time you eat too much cake or chocolates or whenever you drink too much soda (which apparently has a pH level close to the acidity of gastric juices in your stomach). You also damage it whenever you finish your weekly bottle(s) of beer or take shots of tequila. It’s even worse if you are a heavy smoker!

 The Causes and Solutions

What causes damage to your teeth are the things you put in your mouth. And while everybody knows that you need to properly brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash to protect them from cavities and have healthy gums, people can be stubborn or lazy about these oral habits. Did you know that you need to brush your teeth for at least two minutes, two times a day? And that there is a proper technique of brushing them (short, gentle strokes that reach the gum lines)? Did you know that flossing is a must and not just an option? These daily habits seem simple, but not everyone gets to do them properly.

 Dentists are Always Right

Perhaps if you knew about the overall health benefits of taking care of your teeth, you will start practicing what your dentist has been telling you about. According to Mahoney Family Dentistry, your oral health is the window to your overall health. And taking it for granted could mean letting the bacteria in your mouth lead to much more serious gum diseases that can cause tooth loss or even weaken your immune response, making you susceptible to infections.

Still not convinced? Look at the unpopular health benefits of good oral hygiene. Knowing that oral health is not only about the fear of growing old with yellow, dingy teeth — or worse, having to wear dentures in the future, but also a way of giving importance to your overall health may persuade you to keep tabs on your oral habits.