For Dentists: Be Ahead with These 3 Modern Tools

a dentist's officeTooth decay and gum problems cause many of today’s young adults to feel reluctant to smile. According to the American Dental Association, 28% of them say that how their teeth and mouth appear hinders them from getting a job. This could cause alarm for not only millennials but also dentists since it is their task to give oral hygiene and dental care. Thankfully, there are new dental appliances and services that can better help dentists treat their patients.

Bonded wire retainers

A retainer is what you wear after you are done wearing braces, which correct your teeth position. Dentists that take care of malpositioned jaws and teeth now can prescribe bonded wire retainers, which is a modern version of the old one, notes Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab. These retainers are made of a sturdy and clean material to ensure there are no complications once a patient wears them.

Sleep and snoring aids

Yes, dentists also handle snoring problems. When you sleep, the position of your tongue and jaws could lead to snoring, which could be a nuisance. A snoring aid is a device that you can place on your teeth before you sleep. You can even have one custom-fit for you by having images of your teeth and jaw taken by dentists, so they could mold your new snoring aid after it.


This orthodontic appliance takes care of a person’s bites that aren’t aligned normally, without the risk of getting permanent teeth removed. If you’re familiar with headgears that are used to correct an overbite, distalizers do a similar job. Before a patient can start wearing braces, they usually have to wear distalizers in case they have upper teeth that need to be pushed back.

If you’re a dentist, you should have these new tools available in your clinics, so you’ll be ready in case your patients need these.