Linking Estrogen And Muscle Growth

EstrogenEstrogen? That’s what makes women ‘women’, right? In theory, it does. It plays an important role in the female sexual and reproductive development. At times, they’re also sex hormones. But, there’s one fact about estrogen that not all people are aware of: it helps build muscle.

Estrogen For Bigger Gains? How?

If you have been working out for a long time (while eating healthy and using the best gear the likes of Dynamo Fitness Equipment offers) without seeing results, estrogen might be to blame.  Before, it was believed that the higher amounts of testosterone in men is the reason they build muscle better than women. But, recent studies showed otherwise: women are actually as easily able to bulk up as men.

To bodybuilders, it’s almost taboo to speak of estrogen since it’s linked to increased levels of surface body fat that obscure muscle definition. But, that is not the case. Women might show less muscle definition, but they suffer from less muscular damage during exercise. This is a trait attributed to estrogen due to its anti-inflammatory nature. In other words, it means that good levels of estrogen can help men work out much longer without being sore; thus, helping produce better gains.

Estrogen Management

What’s described above doesn’t mean you need more estrogen. If you’re looking to get ripped, high estrogen levels are your worst enemy. What matters is that you maintain good balance between estrogen and testosterone.

Managing estrogen levels starts by performing several preventive measures. First, you need to get more sleep. Sleep deprivation improves estrogen production by interfering with the natural hormonal cycle. It’s because hormones naturally align in sleep, and that much of your testosterone is produced while snoozing.

Watch your supplements as well. As much as possible, take soy products in moderation. These products typically use two types of phytoestrogens (genistein and daidzein). It was found that even at less than 25 grams, these can cause a spike in estrogen production in men.

Remember that working out is all about maintaining balance. The same thing goes with estrogen and testosterone. The more you keep the production of these two in line, the better your gains will be.