Putting Patients First

woman receiving dental treatmentLooking for dental treatment in Mackay is not something to be rushed. The most important factor in any relationship is trust, especially as far as health and well being is concerned. Sitting in a dentist’s chair can be a nerve-wracking and vulnerable experience, so finding a trustworthy and friendly practice is key.

Modern dentistry is increasingly patient-focused and inclusive, putting the patient at the heart of the experience and working in partnership to get the best results. Dental treatment in Mackay these days is a warm, welcoming and even relaxing experience, at contemporary surgeries such as Northern Beaches Dental.

Relax at the dentist?! May seem like a crazy idea, but it is possible. It starts with the reception staff. A warm welcome goes a long way to promoting a feeling of relaxation, as does being really listened to and heard.

A lovely environment also goes a long way, which may include comfy chairs, free WiFi and refreshments in the waiting area.

Modern dentists are all too aware of how many patients experience dental phobia. This can range from a slight irritation or feeling of apathy towards visiting the dentist, to a full-blown panic attack in the dentist’s chair. There are many ways a clinician can mitigate this feeling.

The first thing is to listen. Letting a patient express their concerns can go a long way to helping them feel more at ease. The next step is to explain calmly and clearly what their treatment involves. The mind can cause anxiety by imagining all kinds of nightmare scenarios, so knowing exactly what will happen, step-by-step, can allay these fears. This includes getting an accurate quote for how much the work will cost. It’s another weight off the mind.

Then there are methods and techniques the clinician can employ to help ease their patient’s nerves. This includes offering conscious sedation in the form of a tablet, via an injection or inhalation of gas, and in-chair entertainment while treatment is taking place, including listening to music or an audio book.

Anyone who worries about having dental in Mackay is advised to do their research and find a practice that puts them at the heart of the treatment.