Surgery Preparation Tips

surgery teamAny surgery can be a nervous and anxiety-riddled experience for anyone—that includes the preparation for the surgery itself. It’s understandable that the stress levels are higher when it comes to orthopedic surgery where components that you depend on for daily living can be affected.

If you’re about to meet with your orthopedic surgeon in Orem, Utah, here are a few tips that you need to follow to be well-prepared.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking, due to the potent effects of its nicotine content, can adversely affect blood flow patterns in the body. This can ultimately delay healing of the body and extend your recovery times. This is something that you don’t want to happen as it will affect so many things like your livelihood and even simple day to day living. If you’re aiming to quit, this is a good time.

Eat Well

Ask any orthopedic surgeon in Orem, Utah, and they’ll tell you that one of the most important preparations is to regulate your diet. Make sure to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables while avoiding oily food and too much meat. All of these will help your body to better recover. Also, it will ultimately contribute to your overall well-being.


Being out of shape has a profound effect on your body’s capacity to recover. This is especially true when it comes to orthopedic surgeries as physical therapies will be required anyway to get everything functioning again. It’s best to be in better shape before the orthopedic surgery itself.


Finally, depending on which part of your body is going to undergoing surgery, you also need to be anticipative of what you will be unable to do afterwards. This might involve asking for help from family and friends or even setting up your home for ease of access.

Keep these four tips in mind, and you can be sure that you are prepared for your surgery and will be ready to handle the recovery process after.