The Orthodontic Treatment that Can Provide Migraine Relief

Orthodontic Treatment for MigraineApproximately 190,000 migraine occurrences take place in the United Kingdom on a daily basis. This makes it one of the most prevalent diseases not only in the UK but all over the world. One in every seven people suffers from migraines, which means it is even more common than epilepsy, diabetes, and asthma combined.

Although the exact cause of migraines remains a mystery, medical and health professionals have found ways to manage this painful, often debilitating condition. Aside from prescription pain medications and lifestyle changes, people suffering from migraines that occur due to malocclusions can find relief through correcting their teeth and jaw problems.

Migraines and malocclusions

Almost every member of the population will experience a headache at one point in their lives. However, some individuals experience a whole different kind of headaches – those that occur much more frequently and characterised by an agonising, to the point of debilitating pain. This type of headaches, known as migraines, as much as 2 percent of the entire world’s population.

Again, although the exact cause of headaches and migraines are still unknown, studies suggest of potential triggers, including hormones as well as physical, emotional, environmental, even dietary factors. And then there is the close relationship between migraines and malocclusions.

Correcting malocclusions for relief from migraines

Malocclusions develop when disorders afflict the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). TMJ disorders (TMD) involve disharmony of the TMJ’s occlusion, and they can take many different forms, from underbites to overbites and crossbites. Thus, having malocclusion can result in migraines, and having it corrected will provide you with the relief you need from the agonising pain associated with this condition.

Orthodontic treatments and services for migraine sufferers

A lot of people are unaware that orthodontic treatments and services can help migraine sufferers. However, with the right appliance, such as the minimally-invasive and nearly-invisible Invisalign system, you may just find relief from and a diminished number of migraine attacks.

Right here in the UK, you can take a look at the number of positive Invisalign reviews, and you will realise just how investment-worthy this orthodontic appliance is, not just for straightening teeth, but also correcting certain types of potentially migraine-causing malocclusions.

Take your time to do your research, talk to friends or family members who had the same procedure done, and consult with your dentist about it. It will help you decide if it's a good option for you to take.