What You See is What You Get: Selfies and Your Dental Hygiene

Teenagers from Britain Taking SelfieMany people have been taken with the act of holding their smartphones against themselves and using it to take photos of themselves—an act called ‘taking a selfie’. Now, there are several reasons people take selfies: to capture moments with friends, to document that perfectly styled hair for future reference or to feel good about themselves.

It would come as no surprise if you too have taken a fancy to the universal digital fad. But do you know that taking selfies actually has an effect on your dental hygiene?

Take a look at the correlation between a selfie and dental hygiene that a West Midlander like you might be interested in.

Oral Health Awareness

In Britain’s oral health statistics, one in ten adults regularly forgets to brush their teeth. Forty-two percent of adults use only toothbrush and toothpaste, while only 31% use mouthwash for dental hygiene. Furthermore, one in four adults does not brush twice daily. And admittedly, not all visit the dentist regularly.

Some people might think that their relatively good oral hygiene make up for those missed dental visits, but Walsall dentists like The Priory Dental Practice would point out that regularly cleaning and check-ups prevent further damage and other avoidable dental procedures. Besides, you want a blinding smile when you’re taking those selfies, don’t you?

Hygiene Routine Consciousness

This is where the dental advantage of selfies comes in. A new study involved participants recording video selfies while brushing their teeth. Results show that an overall 8% of the participants have had an improvement in their brushing skills; there was an increase in brush strokes and an improved accuracy of them as well.

You do not have your dentist beside you for supervision when you brush your teeth, but the conscious recording of your oral hygiene routine may cause positive alterations to your tooth brushing behaviour and habits.

Dentists and dental practices might have a variation of suggested brushing techniques for each person, but it is a universal fact that proper hygiene prevents tooth decay, periodontal disease and similar dental problems.

Now, how about that selfie?