3 Common Dental Myths Demystified

Dental CareDespite knowing the importance of oral health, many people still fall into common myths and end up jeopardizing their teeth. The thought of visiting a dentist often strikes fear, triggering the different misconceptions about dental treatments. Therefore, they keep postponing their visits until it is too late.

Unfortunately, some people only see a dentist as a last resort. Sometimes, they visit Pinole dental clinics too late that they end up not saving their tooth. Here are some myths about dental care and hygiene that you should know:

Hard toothbrush bristles are the best

Contrary to popular belief, hard bristles are harmful since they cause damage to your teeth and gums. Hard toothbrushes chip away your teeth's protective enamel coating and increase the likelihood of developing small tear wounds on the gums. Soft bristles, on the other hand, dislodge food particles between teeth without causing damages.

Flossing is optional

Some people see flossing as bothersome. Little do they know that it eliminates plaque that forms between the teeth, especially in spaces where a toothbrush cannot reach. Failure to remove plaque leads to the formation of calcified deposits on the teeth. Again, such difficult-to-reach places create a place for bacteria to thrive. You should floss at least once every day, preferably in the evening.

Only replace a toothbrush after it wears out

Dental experts recommend changing your toothbrush every three months. Worn bristles bend in all directions making your toothbrush ineffective in cleaning your teeth. It becomes difficult to direct the bristles to the corners where food particle and bacteria reside.

These are only some of the myths that surround oral and dental health. Don't ruin your teeth and know the right ways to keep them in good condition.