Dreams about Teeth Falling Out: What Do They Mean?

TeethIs it not a distinct human experience to dream? Some people claim to have no recollection of their dreams, while some remember theirs in vivid detail. It is common for any individual to experience having dreams. These dreams can be the wildest your consciousness can’t even conjure or the drabbest and dullest scenes that make you wonder why you even dreamt at all. Sometimes, a dream can be so farfetched it makes you think — ‘What does it mean?’

Dreaming about teeth falling out is not unusual, as people often do — waking up to the same stress and anxiety they experience during the dream. A common interpretation to the dream is how a person fears looking despicable, characterised by having a toothless mouth or a mangled smile. In Northern Ireland, a cosmetic dental treatment is the obvious solution to a toothless mouth. It restores a person’s face by replacing or improving the look of their teeth. With a beautiful smile, recurrence of these dreams is likely to lessen.

Most Brits dream of their teeth falling out, with each of them having different interpretations. Analysts say that it’s telling of a person’s fear of growing old and being senile, dysfunctional. It can also symbolise feelings of loss, unconsciously representing anxieties a person experiences in real life.

Dream experts suggest how the dream is a person’s desire for maternal nurturing. It is the unconscious yearning to become a toothless infant a mother holds close to her heart. Others suggest that these dreams of teeth falling out can either have a slew of negative or positive meanings.

Negative Meanings

  1. Insecurities regarding personal loss
  2. Anxieties related to a sexual experience
  3. A costly compromise
  4. Changes in life

Positive Meanings

  1. Discovering signs of personal growth
  2. The intention of nurturing oneself carefully
  3. An inward exploration of feelings of loss
  4. Self-awareness of having a flawed support system
  5. The Jungian interpretation: renewal and rebirth

In reviewing the many possible meanings, one must take the time for an objective self-analysis. In interpreting the meaning of your dream, sort through the various meanings to discover the most relevant one before coming up with a conclusion.