Health Issues: The Difficulty of Divorce

Going through a divorce counts as one of the most difficult phases of a person’s life. People say the effects of a marital split are pretty much like those of a spouse’s demise. Those who have experienced either one of these misfortunes are likely to get stressed, experience fits of anger and destructive emotions and become depressed. More importantly, these situations may have long-term negative effects on a person’s health.

After the proceeding, your life will change. Depending on the way a person looks at it, a divorcee may feel grateful for what has happened. But, those who are heavily affected on many levels may endure additional challenges, especially if they’re already suffering from a pre-existing condition.

Below are the most common health problems experienced by divorcees:Divorce

Recurring Stress

Stress is part of life, but those undergoing divorce experience a doubled amount of it. This is why family and divorce lawyers always advise their clients to buckle up and be strong physically. If stress gets out of hand, it will affect other parts of your body. It may cause blood pressure levels and heart rate to fluctuate.


Much has been said about depression, but only a few know the real deal behind it. It’s not an exaggerated type of sadness. It stems from the brain’s chemical imbalance and problematic mood regulation. Stress and anxiety may also induce episodes of depression.

Substance Abuse

Stressed and depressed people will find ways to relieve the feelings they have. If good old hobbies and pep talks from family and friends won’t work, they’ll likely turn to drugs and alcohol. Dependence on these substances creates a vicious circle, which may be hard to break free from.

Diet Problems

Divorcees may suffer from two diet problems: malnourishment and weight gain. Depression causes people to lose their appetite. Chronic anxieties, on the other hand, make people feel tired, which leads to stress eating.

Dealing with divorce should not only be approached from a legal perspective. One has to keep up to shrug off unpleasant feelings. Divorcees should learn to love their bodies more and take care of them, especially now that there’s no one holding them back.