Why You Need a Dental Examination Before Teeth Bleaching

Man having a dental consultationEven if you follow a strict dental hygiene routine, your teeth can still lose their shine due to various reasons. While you can get the sparkle back with a variety of teeth-bleaching methods, you should consider visiting your dentist before bleaching your teeth. Dentist @ W2 gives a few reasons why everyone considering teeth whitening in Paddington should undergo a dental examination first.

Ascertain Gum Health

It’s only a dentist who can determine whether your gums and teeth are healthy enough for whitening. If you have gum disease or particularly sensitive teeth, for instance, chemical whitening techniques may irritate your tender gums.

Determine the Type of Discolouration

While yellow teeth may respond well to bleaching, brown teeth may not whiten evenly. Whiteners may also not correct discolouration caused by tetracycline, too much fluoride or a tooth injury. Accordingly, it’s crucial to visit your dentist before deciding to bleach your teeth. If you’re not a good candidate for tooth whitening in Paddington, your dentist will advise you about suitable alternatives.

Treating Underlying Causes of Discolouration

It’s important to make sure that there are no underlying problems that could be causing your teeth to lose their sparkle. Some issues that could cause your teeth to turn yellow include decay and periodontal disease. A dental examination before bleaching can prevent such problems and address them promptly.

Dental Tips

Every time you visit your dentist is a chance to receive some valuable advice. Now that you’ll be spending time and money to improve your smile, your dentist will offer you tips on how to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth bright. Brightening teeth that have lost their gleam is as easy as visiting a dentist for a bleaching treatment, or buying one of the several at-home whitening treatment options available. Still, there are reasons why it’s advisable to bleach teeth under dental supervision. Consulting your dentist before you whiten your teeth can save you a lot of trouble and money in the long run.