YOLO: Things You Can Do to Give Your Life More Meaning

man holding sign seeking for human kindness
When you find yourself going through the motions in life, perhaps it’s time you consider doing more worthwhile things. They don’t have to be grand — just simple ones that can lift your spirits and make your life more meaningful.

1. Do something for others

When you do something for other people, especially those in need, you’ll not only make yourself feel good, but you’re also able to help. One way to do this is by doing volunteer work at your local orphanage or nursing home.

You could also donate your clothes and other stuff or even contact an auto donation center to pick up your old car. Remember that every gesture of kindness, big or small, can go a long way in helping others get through their own lives.

2. Do something for the environment

planting a treeAlthough it’s your — and everyone else’s, for that matter — responsibility, you can regard helping preserve the environment as something that can better your life.

Aside from doing your part by conserving energy, water and other natural resources, try to participate in or, better yet, organize activities meant to help the environment. Simple community activities aimed at protecting the environment include tree-planting, coastal cleanup, and newspaper drive campaigns.

3. Do something for yourself

Finally, don’t forget to give yourself some love. Help bring back your zest for life by doing something you really want. It can be as simple as allowing yourself to eat your favorite vanilla ice cream once a week or something grand, such as taking a month-long vacation in Europe.

You could also take up the hobbies you’ve always been interested in, such as painting, writing, and singing. And don’t feel guilty about it because you’re the only one who truly knows what can make you happy.

Don’t waste your life just going through the motions. Live it to the fullest by doing meaningful things. After all, as the popular saying goes, “You only live once.”