21-year-old Proves Dental Implants Can Be a Solution to Severe Tooth Decay

21 year old man having a dental implantHow badly degraded must your teeth be for a Hertfordshire dentist to deny your request to get dental implants? There is no upper limit, but a man who has never been encouraged to brush or floss all his life seems to say 20 years’ worth of damage can still be repaired.

The Story of Jay

Meet Jay, a 21-year-old who had been featured in an episode of Embarrassing Bodies. Jay’s story revolves around his teeth, which he had allegedly not brushed or flossed for 20 years. That’s pretty much his entire lifetime, considering his young age.

According to the show, Jay’s teeth were covered with tartar that had to be scraped away before the full extent of tooth decay can be seen. And once the dentists got there, they decided Jay had to lose 11 of his teeth to stop further damage. His were teeth with rotted roots, but fortunately, the bones inside his gums were still healthy enough for dental implants.

Compounded Damage

Jay mentions that aside from not brushing and flossing, two of the most important and basic components of oral health, he was also not a fan of a healthy lifestyle. He was prone to consuming fizzy drinks–a leading cause of tooth decay thanks to the bacteria that thrive on sugar. He also said he had been eating ‘the wrong foods’.

But if Jay’s situation can be remedied, as was the case, with him now having a mouthful of implants instead of decayed teeth, then there is no excuse for anyone to delay their check-up with a clinic like Bow House Dental. Everyone can learn a lesson from Jay’s situation. As his teeth further decayed, he became increasingly scared of a dental visit.

For your situation, do the opposite–unless you want to be in the same boat. At the first sign of tooth decay, schedule an appointment with your dentist.