3 Signs That You Need to Update Your Prescription Glasses

reading articlesChanges in your vision can easily go unnoticed since you use your sense of sight unconsciously. It may be difficult to notice by yourself that something is wrong. The eyesight changes over time, so the prescription glasses you’re wearing today may not be as effective as they were six months ago.

Glasses serve as an ideal method for vision correction, but you need to update yours to make sure that your eyes are still using the right pair. Here are some signs that tell you need to change your glasses:

Your Glasses aren’t as Clear as Before

Eye vision changes as people age, so your old prescription may not be appropriate for your current condition. For instance, the street sign you used to read clearly from afar is now blurry even when wearing glasses. If your prescription glasses don’t have the same level of clarity anymore, it’s best to schedule an eye test. Brisbane optometrists can give you a new prescription for the lenses, and it’s your choice to keep your old frames or get a new pair.

You’re Back to Squinting

Squinting can improve your vision temporarily by filtering the peripheral light rays that are hitting your eyes and changing the shape of the eye to create an angle where light enters the cornea. Some people aren’t aware that they’re squinting, as they’re already wearing prescription glasses. If somebody says that you are doing it, then better believe them and schedule an eye exam right away.

Your Lenses and Frame are Damaged

The lenses of your prescription glasses are prone to wear. After all, you use them wherever you go. These could cause scratches or any optical flaw that might reduce the clarity. In addition, it could distract your eyesight. Frames are durable and long lasting, so changing it is a good idea only when it becomes uncomfortable to wear.

Take care of your eyesight by knowing when to change your prescription glasses. Take note of these signs and visit an optometrist immediately if you notice changes in your vision.