3 Simple Ways to Prevent Tooth Decay in Children

boy is having his dental check upTooth decay not only affects adults but children, too. As a parent, you should make sure that your child’s teeth stay healthy. Taking them to see a pediatric dentist every year is essential as it ensures that any dental problems are averted before they become full-blown issues. Settle for a friendly dentist so your child does not develop a phobia of visiting dental clinics. With that, here are practical tips to help keep your child’s teeth from developing cavities:

Good Cleaning Routine

A consistent oral care routine prevents cavities in children. Your toddler not having teeth doesn’t mean his mouth should not be cleaned. Use a wet piece of sterilized cloth to clean their gums by gently running the fabric around the gums to remove food remnants. Keeping the gums clean ensures that when the teeth erupt, you will continue with the routine. Keep the teeth healthy in their formative years by introducing regular brushing once they get teeth.

Monitor Your Child’s Diet

Avoid giving your child food and snacks that are rich in carbohydrates since they turn into sugar that can destroy your child’s teeth. Try minimizing food and snacks with a lot of sugar to prevent tooth decay. If you give your child sugary food, encourage them to brush once they are done. Opt for water as a source of hydration for your child as opposed to juices. Keep in mind that what harms their teeth could harm their overall health too.

Control their Fluoride Intake

While fluoride is an essential chemical in keeping teeth healthy, too much of it is harmful. Appropriate amounts of fluoride will help control dental caries but when in excess it results in dental fluorosis. Consult your kid’s dentist on the quantity of fluoride that is suitable for their age.

With a proper dental hygiene regimen, healthy diet, controlled exposure to chemicals, and regular visits to the dentist, your child will grow strong teeth. These will also keep tooth decay away.