4 Interesting Facts about Anorexia You Probably Didn’t Know

Man with anorexiaYou may have heard of Anorexia Nervosa, but how much do you know about it? Understanding this illness can help you avoid it, overcome it, or help someone who is silently going through it.

Here are four top facts about anorexia nervosa that you probably didn’t know.

Anyone can get anorexia

Most people wrongly think that anorexia is a disease that only young women suffer. While it is certainly true that the vast majority of people suffering from this disorder are young women, there’s a lot of people of all ages who visit anorexia nervosa treatment centers looking for help too.

Statistics also show that the number of men with anorexia is on the rise.

Anorexia is not always apparent

You may have thought that it is easy to spot an anorexic, but that is not the case at all. In fact, there are millions of anorexics who go about life as if everything is normal. They go to great lengths to conceal the disorder and will often pretend to be eating just like every other person.

Underneath all the façade, however, the anorexic is continually obsessing over their body image.

Anorexia isn’t a passing phase

Of the millions of people that suffer from anorexia, only about 10 percent ever seek medical attention. Many people think that they will grow out of the disorder with time, which is a huge mistake.

Anorexia is a very serious illness that people should promptly address, otherwise, the individual can suffer severe physical and psychological damage.

Recovery is possible

This is perhaps the most encouraging fact when it comes to anorexia nervosa. Scores of people that previously suffered from anorexia have gone on to conquer the illness and now live healthy, fulfilling lives. There are very effective treatment programs tailored for anorexics, and there is never a reason to suffer in silence.

Anorexia, like other illnesses, can have serious effects on the person suffering from it. The great news is that anyone can overcome this disorder, as long as they have the determination.