4 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Hospice

Hospice care employee helping the patientWhen a person close to you is chronically ill, and there are no more treatment options for them, hospice may be the only way to go. Hospice care is for loved ones that are in the last phase of a terminal illness. As you look for a suitable hospice provider, here are a few things about this care you may not have known.

Hospice is not just for physical pain

Terminal illness can cause immense physical pain and suffering to the patient. A primary goal of hospice is to alleviate this pain. However, this service caters for more than just physical pain. A reliable hospice care facility in Southern Indiana like Center For Hospice Care will have programs that also address your loved one’s psychological, spiritual, and social needs. Patients receive respite care, counseling, and other support.

Hospice can take more than six months

While the target of hospice care is terminally ill people that are not expected to live more than six months or fewer to live, it can still be extended beyond that. As long as the doctor and the hospice professionals certify that the person’s condition is life-limiting, the person can continue to receive these services.

Hospice care isn’t just for people with cancer

Most people who receive hospice care have cancer, but this service is also available for patients suffering from other diseases such as hypertension, kidney failure, dementia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among others.

Hospice can be provided away from home

Hospice care usually happens at home where the family members serve as the primary caregivers. But this care is not restricted to just homes. Some facilities provide these services too, for instance, nursing homes, hospitals, and dedicated hospice centers.

Hospice can give your loved one a last shot at happiness and comfort. By learning about this service, you can choose the best hospice facility for your loved one.