4 Surprising Reasons You’re Experiencing Back Pain

Woman suffering from back painBack pain is more common than you think. In fact, many people experience this kind of pain at some point in their lives. More often, the pain is mild, short-lived, and easy to treat. When the pain is chronic, however, it may be advisable to seek pain management treatment in Tinley Park, IL. That said, here are four possible causes of your back pain:

You have stress and depression

Did you know that besides being a physical feeling, pain is an emotion? Indeed, many cases of chronic back pain are found in people who have depression. Its symptoms include neck and back pain. While managing stress does take time and effort, it’s something you can do. Start by talking to friends and relatives, exercising, sleeping well, meditating and avoiding stressors.

Your mattress is not comfortable

When your mattress doesn’t support your body uniformly when you lie down, then your neck and lower body will suffer through time. A mattress should not be too firm that it allows air between its surface and parts of your body. Rather, it should cradle the shape of your body perfectly throughout the night.

You are sedentary

A lack of physical exercise has been cited as a possible cause of back pain. An inactive lifestyle can lead to weight gain, which strains your back muscles. When you start to exercise at least three times a week, you build up the toned muscles necessary to support your body weight. You then relieve lower back pain as a result.

You are consuming a poor diet

Eating food that is overloaded with fat and calories can contribute to obesity, which is a leading cause of back and joint problems. On the other hand, a well-balanced diet that contains a lot of fruit and vegetables makes your body strong and healthy and wards off health problems, including back pain.

Back pain may be a common ailment among millions of people around the world, but it doesn’t have to keep you down. By knowing the potential causes of the problem, you can work towards solving them and eliminating the pain once and for all.