5 Good Reasons to Visit a Dentist Before Cancer Treatment

Dentist smiling while dental staff are attending to the patientOver 1 in 3 people with cancer develop oral health complications. Cancer patients are accordingly advised to visit a dentist before their first cancer treatment.

Here are good reasons to visit a dentist before cancer treatment.

A Dental Checkup Can Help You Feel Better

Cancer treatment can cause several side effects in the oral cavity. These side effects can be range from mild to severe. A dental examination before the first cancer treatment can help avert some expected mouth problems.

Dental Visits Help Fight Cancer

Severe oral health side effects can delay or even stop essential treatment. Delayed or discontinued treatment can consequently complicate cancer care. To fight cancer more effectively, your dentist in Lakeville should then be part of your cancer management team.

A Dental Checkup Can Help Save Teeth and Bones

People undergoing treatment need special protection from the effects of chemotherapy and head and neck radiation. A dentist can help protect your mouth, jawbones, and teeth from damage caused by these treatments.

Tips on How to Care for Teeth and Mouth

A dental appointment before the initial cancer treatment can equip you with tips on how to care for your mouth during treatment. Your dentist will advise you on how to keep your mouth clean and moist. And if you smoke or use tobacco products, your cancer care team can help you quit.

First Aid Tips for Anticipated Mouth Problems

Common oral health challenges when undergoing cancer treatment include jaw pain, infection, mouth sores, dry mouth, and sensitive gums. Your dentist can provide self-care tips if such problems occur.

Cancer treatment increases the risk for several dental health complications. Regular dental visits can help persons diagnosed with cancer deal with such problems. A dental checkup before beginning cancer treatment is also a useful weapon against cancer.